Shoofly Muffins

This muffin recipe was inspired by the Pennsylvanian Dutch Shoofly Pie. It has a very heavy molasses flavor. It is like eating the pie without the crust.


Fall Pies: Pie Crust

Happy November Yall!!!! I think the best fall comfort food is pie. What is better than a thick slice of warm, fresh Apple pie on a cold fall evening? The only other thing that is better is the Thanksgiving day Pumpkin Pie swirled high with a mountain of whipped cream. Or maybe a slice of … Continue reading Fall Pies: Pie Crust

Mary Did You Know?

Jesus was Mary's first child. Mary was fairly young according to historians and Joseph was probably quite a bit older than her. Not only was there the miraculous circumstance surrounding Jesus's conception, which probably unnerved Mary and Joseph, but there was also must have been the first time parents nervousness.