Shoofly Muffins

This muffin recipe was inspired by the Pennsylvanian Dutch Shoofly Pie. It has a very heavy molasses flavor. It is like eating the pie without the crust.

Mary Did You Know?

Jesus was Mary's first child. Mary was fairly young according to historians and Joseph was probably quite a bit older than her. Not only was there the miraculous circumstance surrounding Jesus's conception, which probably unnerved Mary and Joseph, but there was also must have been the first time parents nervousness.

Bundle of Joy — Bundle of Chicken

he other day I decided to push through my tiredness to make a dish that I was craving so desperately. They are called Chicken Bundles. I think they are kinda like a calzone or stromboli. My husband thinks they are like Hot Pockets. Whatever they are like they are really really good. They have a creamy, chickeny (I know not a word!)  center and a rich sweet Crescent roll outside.

Time Flies Line an Arrow. Fruit Flies Like a Banana.

As a kid time seemed to drag on. It took forever to get to Chrismas and my birthday. The school year seemed like an eternity. Summer seemed to never end. As an adult, I understand that time goes so quickly. It seems like just yesterday I was getting married. It has been three and a half years now. It seems like it was not that long ago I found out I was expecting my first child. Now I am sitting here in my third trimester wondering how it went so fast. It is crazy to think I have one month at my job and two months before my little one gets here. Time has gone so fast.