Mary Did You Know?

Ok, let me start off by saying I hate the song “Mary, Did You Know”. It is super annoying. However, since I am great with child I have been thinking about Mary lately.

Jesus was Mary’s first child. Mary was fairly young according to historians and Joseph was probably quite a bit older than her. Not only was there the miraculous circumstance surrounding Jesus’s conception, which probably unnerved Mary and Joseph, but there was also must have been the first time parents nervousness.

Mary’s first child. I am sure growing up she saw pregnant women in her village. She may have been around mothers that gave birth and were nursing their little ones. She probably knew a lot of theory behind having a baby but having your own was different. All the changes your body goes through. All the new feelings, like the baby kicking, all the new emotions.

I can only imagine how uncomfortable she was towards the end of her third trimester. I have been so uncomfortable in the heat and humidity here in the South. I can only imagine her swelling and exhaustion being made worse by the heat she could not escape.

Then there was the trip to Bethlehem. I am having a hard time squeezing behind the steering wheel of my air-conditioned car to go to my doctor’s appointment. There Mary was traveling by donkey. That must have been so frightfully uncomfortable.

Then there was the delivery. She was in a stable in a town where she did not know anyone. It was not like the comfortable hospital I will be in or even a modern home it was more like a dirty barn. I am scared at the thought of going through labor even with an Epidural and my husband close at hand. She didnt have anything to ease the pain. Joseph probably was not even allowed to be with her. She was alone.

I can only imagine how scared she was. Yes, she was delivering the Son of God. Yes, an angel had announced the birth to her. All these amazing things would not have taken away any of her human reactions to her physical state.


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