Preparation for My Bundle of Joy

My baby girl is due today. I have been doing so many things to prep for her arrival. My hubs and I bought a pack n play for her room. Putting it together should have been easy but as first-time parents, it was a bit of an enigma. Honestly, the pack n play and stroller did not come with very good directions on how to take it apart and put it together.

I have also been working on my cloth diaper stash and knowledge. I have read so much about cloth diapering. I am really wanting to cloth diaper for two main reasons. The first being that we are on a super tight budget now that I am not working. I know the upfront cost can be more but in the long run, it will save lots of money. The second reason is allergies. My husband and I both had some really bad allergies as children. I didn’t just have a runny nose and gooey eyes I also had lots of skin rashes. My mum tried disposable diapers with me but they left my poor little bum blistered. The cloth was the only thing she could do.

At this point, I am not ready to go to cloth only. My husband has NEVER changed a diaper in his life. I think training him with new born disposables will help him and me transition to cloth once she is a little bigger. Also, disposables will be nice to have as we adjust to having a new little person on her own schedule in the house.

I will admit that the last several weeks I have spent a lot of time in my sewing room neglecting house work. I have been driving my sewing machine like Jehu to get things made in time for the arrival of my little girl. I have really been enjoying what I have been doing.

I started by making slip covers for the glider my aunt gave me. The cushions were just a blah tan and really didn’t go with the nursery. I started digging through my fabric stash looking for enough fabric to cover the cushions. I came across my green denim.

We have had the green denim for ever. It is a wonderful multi purpose fabric that is sturdy and rugged. I am not quite sure where we got it but I think we must have had 20 yards of it at one point! I remember joking with Nanny years ago that I wanted the bride’s maids dresses for my wedding made out of the stuff. We both just laughed. We did make the bride’s maids gift bags out of it when I finally got married. I decided on a more sophisticated fabric for the dresses.

Honestly, I had no clue how to make the slip covers. I had no pattern and no prior experience in making slip covers. It was a lot of trial and error but in the end, the covers came out rather well. Not as good as my Nanny would have made them but for my first time through it was rather good.



Ignore the junk around the glider. I was still working on cleaning up and organizing baby girls room.


I also decided to make a door flag out of the green denim. My hubs and I went on the tour of the hospital that we will be having our little girl in and all the doors had hooks to display things for the new babies. I wanted something unique for my little girl so I set out to make something with needle and thread.

I drew my inspiration for my door flag from the garden flags you see hanging on people’s mail boxes. I wanted something that was easy to fold up and put in my suitcase. A flag seemed to fit the bill. However, I was trying to figure out what to use to hang it up. Then it hit me. Duh, a hanger would work. I would just need to make the flag with a velcro flap to go around the hanger. I think it turned out rather lovely. The lace around the edge was my husband’s idea.

20170805_192057 a

As I mentioned before I am wanting to cloth diaper. I just was not making sense to cloth diaper to save money and not use reusable wipes. Last night I finished my pile of 30 wipes. They are approximately 8×8 finished off. I have read several tutorials on cloth wipes and most of the people use cotton flannel, which I have a ton of. However, I have seen them done as a single layer of flannel or as a double layer. I was not sure which way I would like best when I was using them so I made some both ways.



All three ways of finishing off the edges


On the single layer wipes most people zigzag the edges but to me, that just looks really bad after washing. It frays for me even with the zigzag. I decided I wanted to actually hem the edges. I tried my sewing machines hem foot but that turned out really bad. I eventually abandoned the special foot and went with my regular foot and folding the edge over twice.

The double layer wipes I sewed correct side facing each other then turned it and stitched the edges together. I am thinking the double layer will work well with big messes.



Double Layer


I have also made some diaper inserts. I used more cotton flannel and some microfiber cleaning clothes. The microfiber is great for wicking away moisture but you don’t want it right next to the baby’s bottom. I use a zigzag stitch on the outside which looked ok before I washed it but after I got it out of the wash the edges were frayed. I think I am going to try a different method to secure the edges if I make anymore.



The inserts fit the diaper covers I bought off Amazon.


I have also done some reusable nursing pad using the above-mentioned method. They frayed really bad as well.

After the nursing pads and diaper inserts were made I still had some microfiber clothes left over so I made some burp clothes. I figured the microfiber would help absorb anything that the baby could spit on it. Hopefully, this would help keep mummy and daddy a little cleaner.


Oh and I shan’t forget to mention that I also made a Boppy and four covers. Four covers may seem like a lot but I was having fun making them so I kept going after number two.

I think my last project is cutting up a fleece blanket for diaper liners. I have read that it will help wick moisture away from the baby keeping their bottom a little dryer. Also if the baby makes a huge mess the fleece is cheep enough that you can throw it away or if you have to use diaper rash cream it protects your cloth diapers.

I have prepped and planned as much as I can. Probably some of my ideas will fly out the window once little girl is here. At least I will know that I tried! I am so ready to meet my little girl!




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