Stay at Home Mummy — Busier than A Job

Some how I don’t think the term “Stay at Home Mum” is quite right. In the words of the great Dezi Arnaz, ” Let me splain.”

July 4th was my last day at my job. I thought to myself, ” I have a month to get ready for my little baby! I can get her nursery ready. I can sew. I can deep clean the house. I will have so much time at home to get stuff done.” I am laughing at myself as I write that.

My mum is off on Wednesdays. She is still trying to empty out my grandmother’s house. My cousin and his wife are wanting to move in the first of August. Somehow I have been negotiated into helping mum work at Nanny’s. So that is one day I am not home.

Then there is my weekly doctor’s appointment. For some strange reason, I may only be in the office an hour and a half but it seems to take all day! I guess it is also because I try to do all my errands that same day so I don’t have to go back into town. Day two that I am not at home.

Oh and last week was VBS. While I was home in the morning and afternoons I was working on the video pretty much the whole time. (The video came out pretty good despite my old cantankerous laptop.) I kind of lost the whole week there.

The weekends don’t really count for much. Hubs is home and I try to spend time with him so I make it a point not to schedule anything. That is two days gone there.

Umm, that leaves me two days to really sit down and dig into some of my projects. So I make the most of them.

Oh, and I have one day for house cleaning. I have to get all the kitty fur out of the nooks and crannies. (How does one little cat shed so much! He is not even in the house full time!) And poof another day bites the dust!

Not sure what I am going to do when baby gets here! That day is fast approaching and I have so much left to do! (Why yes, I am nesting. Why do you ask?)

I will say that I have started my own kind of Bullet Journal of sorts. I know that to get anything done I need to plan. I am still figuring out my own little Bullet Journal system. Maybe I will be able to share it in a post.

So that is what I have been doing. I really have meant to write some posts. Writing is another to do that I have not been able to get done!


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