Mother’s Day Gift: The Christmas Cactus

On March 22 my Nana entered the presence of the Lord and was reunited with her beloved husband.

Life had changed since then. When my dad had surgery several weeks ago I went to call her and let her know dad was doing well and out of surgery. It took me a second but I remembered that she wasn’t there for me to call.

My grandmother left a lot of things behind for the family. I got several items that have no real monetary value but for me, they mean so much. One thing I got was her beloved Christmas Cactus.

She loved that crazy cactus and would keep it sitting in her sunroom during the winter months and watch it bloom. Several times she propagated it for friends and family. She loved giving her plants away. I can’t remember a time that she was not rooting something for someone.

When I got her Christmas Cactus I knew I had the duty and responsibility to carry on what Nana had started. I had to root it for friends and family.

Today is mothers day and I could not think of a more fitting gift for my aunt, cousin, and mom that give them part of something that Nana left me. Nana was always doing for her family especially around the holidays. The cactus in a small way represents the love that she keeps giving to us even though she is no longer with us. We will still have a small part of her when the Christmas Cactus blooms next December. It is a way to remember her the first Christmas without her.


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