Fabric Covered Bulliten Board

I hate working dull boring work environment. It is so un-inspiring. It is so un-motivating. I love to make my workspace my own. My boss one time commented, “I love how you move into your space.”

Recently my co-workers and I were moved down to “the basement” from “the closet”. Our closet was actually, at one point, the cleanup closet for the lobby at the hotel. It was dark and uninviting. “The basement” is a bit nicer to me. We actually have a window that sunlight comes in.

The desk I have is in the corner so my work space is a bit bigger than the standard desks. The larger space is great when I have a bunch of files and papers out. I also have more wall space. I have my picture board on one side. The other side is a huge blank wall. At first, I thought about leaving that wall blank. Then after several weeks of using my space, I realized I needed a bulletin board to hang information on.

Me being the personality I am decided that just hanging a cork board up there would be terribly dull and uninspiring. I just simply couldn’t do that! I decided then and there that I would make my bulletin board that was inspiring and fun. How was I going to do that?!?!

I puzzled and puzzed till my puzzler was sore. I came up with several ideas after doing an online search. I wanted to paint the frame and cover the cork with fabric. So that is what I did.

I went to Hobby Lobby and bought the size bulletin board I wanted, black craft paint, glossy mod podge finish. I had the fabric, ribbon, and craft spray adhesive at home.

First I painted the edge of my bulletin board black. I used a sponge brush to apply it. I tried to get as little on the cork as possible so it would not show through the fabric.


Next, I sealed the black with the mod podge to give it a lovely glossy shine. Once again I used a sponge brush to apply it.

To adhere the fabric to the cork I used spray adhesive. It worked like a charm for this part of the project. I roughly measured the fabric. I wanted roughly an inch or more of fabric past the edge of the cork.


I lined the selvage of the fabric up with the edge of the frame.


I sprayed the adhesive on the cork. I only did about a two-inch section. Then I applied the fabric making sure there were no creases or bubbles. I went section by section until the fabric was down.


To cut off the excess fabric I ran one of my scissors blades down the edge. It looks a little rough but we will be covering that part with some ribbon.


So I will admit this next part is where I made my mistake. I used spray adhesive to attach the ribbon. Duh, that really did not work. The spray went all over my lovely glossy frame and made it all sticky.  I applied another coat of gloss to see if that would cover the sticky. I recommend using a glue gun to attach the ribbon or any other embellishments. Please learn from my mistake!!!





My inspiring workspace!



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