My Inspirations

I wrote this article last spring. It seemed fitting to repost it because it talked about my Nanny.


I have been blessed to know both my grandmothers who sewed and crocheted. They were my inspiration growing up. Even though they are both up in years, one grandmother just turned 100, they both still crochet.
Nanny always was making clothes for my sister and me. She even made our formal dresses for our Jr/Sr Banquets. She was an amazing seamstress. She made all the bridesmaids dresses and flower girl dresses for my wedding. When I would take store bought clothing to her that needed repair or taking up she would do a fabulous job. Her fixes looked better than the original work! Nanny is not sewing much now but she ALWAYS has a crochet project going. She has friends that call her on the phone every day and while she is talking her crochet hook is just going.
Grandma Delp was not so much of a dress seamstress. She pieced and put together quilts mostly by hand. She lived in an area with a lot of Amish and would do occasional work for them. During the long cold winters, she would have her quilt frame in the basement where she would work steadily for hours. Grandma can’t handle a quilting frame anymore but she like Nanny has her crochet hook going as fast as she can. For her 100th birthday in December she crocheted dish clothes for her friends to take home with them. I think she had about 150 of those dishcloths!
When God calls them home they have left me something worth more than money or things. They have left me with their talent. That is something I will have of theirs forever. Something that I can keep giving away and never run out of.


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