My Pregnancy So Far

I am going, to be honest. I am not enjoying being pregnant. I am 17 weeks pregnant. As far as pregnancy goes and as far as I can tell it has been a fairly easy/calm pregnancy. I have not had any serious or major problems. However, I have some things to say that I think that some other ladies might benefit from hearing. Some things are common pregnancy problems. Some things no one ever seems to talk about.


  • 20170227_164753.jpg

    Me and my baby bump. It may not look like much to some but to me it seems HUGE!!!

    I am having a hard time with my weight gain. As far as I can tell I am where I need to be for 17 weeks. However, that does not help me when I look in the mirror and see my belly protruding in front of me by a quarter of an hour.  It also does not help that none of my skirts was fitting around 10 weeks and now my shirts are tight around my tummy. I hate hate hate things being tight around my tummy. I am feeling like a tub of lard.

Another thing that I am starting to have trouble with is getting my sneakers on and off. My tummy is starting to get in my way. Last Sunday evening  I was changing to go to Bible study and almost went in my athletic pants because I did not want to bend over and take my sneakers off and put them back on! (Anyone else having this problem?)

I do moderate exercise five days a week and try to get to my 10000 steps every day. I still feel like anything I eat, healthy or not, is going straight to fluff. I know it is inevitable but it has been really hard for me to watch my mid section and my thighs/glutes get fluffy despite my best efforts.

  • I am having a hard time finding maternity clothes that I like. I mentioned earlier that I hate things tight around the tummy. Well, annoyingly that seems to be the trend. Put on your tightest shirt you can find to show your bump off. Or another annoying trend is bare bump pictures. YUK! I am sorry I don’t want to see your nasty mommy stretched out tummy. I am having a hard enough time facing mine in the mirror. I just ain’t appealing.
  • I almost feel guilty that I am not gushing like a lot of my friends are. I am not bouncing around squealing with delight that I am having a baby. Yes, I am very happy about having my first child but I am not gushing about it. It seems to me that most pregnant ladies are portrayed as having to gush and glow about becoming a mommy. I am almost bizarrely strangely calm about becoming a mom. At this point I am peaceful. I have a little gift from God growing inside of me. Maybe I will start getting a little gushier when I find out what I am having.
  • This goes along with the previous point. I really have no desire to post weekly pictures on social media and I really have no desire to post much about my pregnancy on social media. It is almost like I want to keep this to myself. I want to keep it quiet and savor it. I want to share with my closest friends and family, not everyone who I am remotely acquainted with. I may post a bit more when I am further along but for now, I just don’t feel like it or want to. (Here I am saying this as I blog about it! LOL)
  • The first-trimester fatigue was murder. I have always been high energy. I love to exercise and taking walks. My first trimester I was soooooooo sleepy. I had a hard time staying awake at work. I was so thankful that I had a desk job and we were super slow. There were afternoons that I actually fell asleep at my desk while working. I would go to bed around 8 completely exhausted. I would get up at 6:15 am still feeling exhausted and barely able to exercise. Actually one of the first things that tipped me off something was changing was my exhaustion. I thought it was just that time of the month coming on. Nope, it was a little bundle of joy growing inside of me.
  • Nausea. I was nauseated the first but never really threw up. I still have some nausea in my second trimester but it has really subsided a lot. I remember the first trimester nothing sounded good to eat. I was wanting salty food and the thought of sweets made me sick. Even smelling my beloved coffee sent me into a wave of nauseated nastiness. I was constantly chewing peppermint flavored gum to keep nausea at bay.

I hope this did not sound like a complaint session. I am just voicing some of the things I personally have been going through. I am hoping that maybe this will be an encouragement to someone else who feels like a momma misfit.

What problems are you having/did you have while you were pregnant. If you feel comfortable sharing I would love to know. Maybe you will encourage some of my other readers.


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