Find Accountability

When it comes to finding accountability there are several options. Some are virtual options like Facebook groups and fitness webpages. Some are physical options that involve face to face interactions with other people.

Virtual options are great for people with limited time or for people who have travel limitations. These options give you a chance to interact with people online line on your own time.

Facebook is a great place to start or join a workout group. If you want to start a challenge with a group of friends you can start a closed group where only individuals you choose can join. You will be able to encourage each other, talk about your workout that day, and cheer each other on when a goal has been achieved. I have friends who have participated in such groups with great success!

My Fitness Pal is a great site that offers a calorie counting and activity journal. This was my favourite site that helped me stay on track long before I had a smartphone or Fit Bit. If you have a smartphone they have added a great app that you can download and use on the go.

On My Fitness Pal, you can set up your user profile so the system automatically calculates how many calories you will need to eat or not eat to achieve your goal. Not only do they list the calories of what you eat but also the nutritional value such as how much sodium or sugar the item contained. This helps you see if what you are eating is actually as good for you as you thought. In addition to counting your calories in you can also add your exercise and count your calories out.

My Fitness Pal also has community discussion boards, groups you can join, and you can also invite friends to join you.

Fit Bits are AMAZING! My husband bought one for me a year ago and I love it!!!! I have the Fit Bit Charge HR. I love the fact that it automatically tracks my cardio like walking and using the elliptical. I love using it for my circuit workouts as well. I can set the timer and it will tell me how long I have been working out, my heart rate, and how many steps I have taken.

You can keep track of your workout, steps, sleep, water intake, and calories all from the app or the webpage. They have a great community that helps you answer any fitness Fit Bit related questions. They even let you set up challenges among other friends and family that have a Fit Bit.

If you are looking for a more personal option here are a few suggestions.

Find a workout buddy. Find a friend or family member that will commit to working out with you. This could be actually going to the gym with you or simply texting or calling each other once a week to see how the workouts have been going. Maybe if you can’t workout together every day text your friend how many minutes you worked out and how many steps you got. Make it fun and challenging. Be sure to let each other know there are NO Excuses for not working out!!!

Curves. Have I mentioned Curves before? Yes, I very much believe in the program they have. The accountability there is HUGE!!! If you go missing without explanation for a couple of weeks the staff will actually call you! They will want to know where you have been and if everything is alright. Also, the other members will wonder where you are and why you missed your workout with them.

Workplace Challenges. Several years ago my job had a fitness challenge. I did not participate but I know several people who did. This is wonderful because most people spend most of their time at work with their co-workers. They see them daily. This is a great source of accountability. If your workplace does not have a program maybe you can talk to your HR department about starting one.

Not all the options will work for everyone. I personally like the virtual groups. Although, I do have one friend that helps keep me on the straight and narrow. (Miss you buddy!!!!) Maybe you would prefer and do better with the more personal options.

Let me know what you think and what works for you! Maybe there is something you do that I did not mention. Feel free to comment below or leave a message on my FB page.


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