God Sightings

Every summer for VBS my church uses the Group VBS programs. The adults love it because it is well organised and easy to us. The kids love it because it is fun and exciting. The most important reason my church loves Group is because they ALWAYS give a clear presentation of the gospel. All the programs have different themes but some very similar features. One of those features is a time during opening assembly that we talk about “God Sightings”.

“God Sightings”, are things that we see God doing around us. The kids are encouraged to look for “God Sightings”, during the program and when they go home. Every evening the kids get to talk about their “God Sightings” sometimes it is really cool to hear what they have to say about what they see God doing.

I thought I would start doing a spontaneous segment on my blog called “God Sightings”. I generally plan my posts out and try to have them written a week or two in advance. These won’t be that way. They will be whenever I have one. That being said this may be the only one for months or maybe next week something will happen and I will feel the Lord leading me to write about it. Only the Lord knows at this point!

My God sighting for today.

I meal plan. I find that it saves me money and time. I generally try to plan my meals three weeks out so I know what I need to buy when I go grocery shopping for the next week. Sometimes, I am very good at making what I have planned. Sometimes, life happens, and I have to re-think a meal. Such was the case Tuesday night.

Tuesday night I was going to make a marinated pork roast with veggies and rice. The problem was that Sunday I forgot to pull the roast out of the freezer. This presented a problem because Monday when I was supposed to put it in the marinade it was still frozen solid. Back to the drawing board. I had to think up a plan and think it up quick. I had an epiphany. I should make Shepherds Pie!!! I had not made it for a very long time and I had all the ingredients on hand.

I set about making supper. When I had it all mixed up I put it in the oven to cook. I stepped out on the back patio where my husband was sitting enjoying the evening and playing with our cat. I announced, “We are having Shepherds Pie for supper it should be ready in a bit. I just stuck it in the oven.”  As I sat down across from him I noticed he was chuckling. “What?!?!” I asked. He then recounted to me a conversation he had with one of his co-workers that afternoon.

Apparently, his co-worker and he had been talking about food. His co-worker asked if Stephen had ever eaten Shepherd’s Pie. Stephen replied that “Yes, my wife makes it for me.” His co-worker about flipped his lid, “NO WAY!!!”, he exclaimed. “Man! I have been wanting Shepherd’s Pie. Next time your wife makes it bring me some!” Stephen said he would.

God knew on Sunday when I forgot to take the pork out there would be a lonely bachelor wanting Shepherd’s Pie. God worked everything out for that guy to get his Shepherd’s Pie. I am just amazed at how God worked and used my forgetfulness to minister to one of Stephen’s co-workers. I don’t know if the guy believes in God but His hand is all over this one.

God knows our needs he also knows our wants before we even ask. He will provide.

So there is my God sighting. What God Sighting have you seen lately?


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