New Year Resolution: Lose Weight

So it’s New Year’s Resolution time. That time of year that people resolve, among a host of things, to lose weight. They hit the gym, try to walk more, and eat salads. They do great for about four weeks then life happens. Maybe things get stressful at work or family problems happen. You take a week off. That week stretches into two weeks then three then before you know it any progress you made is gone and you are back where you started.

Don’t lose hope my friends! It is possible not to repeat the above scenario. It is possible to lose that weight and keep it off. Let me give you some practical ideas that have really helped me and my fitness journey through the years.


  1. Find a system that works for you and start there.

Not everyone enjoys fast paced Zumba and not everyone enjoys Yoga.  Find an activity you enjoy and stick with it. Maybe you enjoy walking so grab your shoes and go for a walk. Or maybe you would rather work out to some videos at home instead of going to the gym. Find what you enjoy doing and do it. Doing what you enjoy will be a start but don’t stop there. Once you get that down be adventurous and try other things.

  1. Find a time frame that works for you.

I would love to spend two hours at a traditional gym sweating it out. (I know I am strange!)  However, with work and family that is just not possible. Everyone has a different schedule. What works for me may not work for you and you may have to change what works for you as life happens and that is OK. Maybe going to the gym before you go to work is the best thing for you. Maybe after work is better.  Maybe you live where you can’t go to the gym but you can squeeze a workout video in during your lunch break. Find a time that works for you and do it.

  1. Find your motivator.

You have got to want to work out. Bottom line. It has to be something you want to do so find a motivator. Find a reason you want to work out not just to lose weight or look good. Everyone wants to do that! What is the why behind your workout? Do you have children you want to keep up with? Do you simply want to make it through the day without struggling to stay awake? Do you have a special event you want to look good for? Do you want to be able to bend over and tie your shoelace? Find what motivates you. Find that one or two things that will get you to work out on the days you just don’t feel like it or just don’t want to.

  1. Find accountability.

Do you have a friend that wants to walks on your fitness journey with you? Do you have a family member that will encourage you? How bout that nutty co-worker that is always talking about their workouts? Find someone who will encourage you in your journey.

I hope these four things help you as you get started trying to live a healthier life. I have plans to expound on each point a little more in future posts. Until then feel free to leave a comment or ask a question. I would be more than happy to help you on your journey!


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